About us

Our company SKC General Trading llc is an establishment that provides logistics for all types of goods with a complete service in transport, freight and transit. We guarantee the speed of shipment of your cargo, whether import or export. Choose an experienced freight forwarding professional. We are a company specializing in the logistics of all types of goods, whether for import or export, thanks to air, sea and road freight adapted to the needs of professionals.Our agents manage the routing of the goods, including the management of the change of mode of transfer. We organize the logistics and coordinate all the tasks with our partners, especially for transfers other countries or other regions.
Our freight forwarders have all the knowledge required to ensure the safety of your cargo until it arrives at its destination. We offer various essential services for the transport of goods : management of relations with customs partners, guarantee of liaison with airline, maritime and road companies which provide transport, real-time monitoring of the delivery of goods and management of of administrative procedures.

Our chartering and transport organization experts are familiar with the legislation governing commercial transport activities which differs from country to country. We can provide logistics advice if you need it.

Aim, Mission, Strategic Priority & Values


Our transit agents intervene if the transport of your goods requires a successive logistical means, for example if you are a professional in foreign trade. We establish the necessary links to guarantee the continuity of the transport chain to your country of destination and coordinate the different modes of transfer.  

We offer our experience and our know-how in the logistical management of administrative formalities according to the territory of destination of the goods. By contacting us, you benefit from various advantages: choice of the best service provider for transport specialized services adapted to the demand groupage to control the cost of logistics tailor-made follow-up of the goods ability to adapt to the specificities of each country Choosing of your goods. our forwarding company is the guarantee for you to secure the transport and delivery It is a sure way to develop your activities regionally and internationally. We make every effort to ensure that they arrive as quickly as.possible despite any inconvenience during transit.


Our Team is made of dedicated outstanding professionals who ensure that every agent delivers quality service at every customer contact as any contact matters for us. Our Customer Service Agents are multilingual and considerate problem solvers. We only employ highly skilled agents in the Philippines who provide superior customer care. We train them to efficiently track customer service requests and immediately route customer queries based on their training and expertise.

Our devotion to training produces superior customer service. Agents receive one month of in-depth training on core skills, including communication, customer service, and sales.  SIGS also provides extensive training on client Programs and ongoing training and quality improvement. We have an in-house quality monitoring process that utilizes formal instruments of measurement. This process establishes exceptional quality levels and tracks an agent's performance based on the following criteria: Competence levels Communication with customers and most importantly quality and customer satisfaction.