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Air transport is one of the best solutions for transporting goods safely and quickly. This means of transport is particularly recommended for fragile cargo.  

SKC LLC TRANSIT is your partner in the Philippines. Our company SKC LLC TRANSIT is at your disposal for air transit service in the Philippines and internationally Do you want to send perishable goods abroad? Are you looking for a means of transport that is fast, efficient and respectful of the environment? Choose air transit with SKC LLC TRANSIT. This type of transport is suitable for transporting fragile products such as:
Laboratory instruments medical equipment. Electrical or electronic equipment and raw materials. SKC LLC TRANSIT is an import-export company with a service entirely intended for maritime and road air transit. Our team coordinates all the steps related to the transport of your goods in order to respect the delivery times as well as the other obligations stipulated in the contract.

Choosing our company to send your goods by air, sea and road allows you to take advantage of the safe and secure . International product shipping service. We do everything we can to improve your experience. We offer you all the following benefits: The rapidity Safety against claims The safety of your high-value goods The simplicity of the procedures

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